MTR Student Travel Scheme 2020-21

MTR Student Travel Scheme 2020-21 (namely Student Octopus Card)

Similar to last year, the paper application form can be collected and stamped at the SAO office if you want to continue the validity of your student octopus card in 2020-21.

Or, without returning to the campus, you may collect the paper form at a MTR station near you (please refer to MTR website). Then, instead of getting a college stamp on the paper form, an e-Student Identity Certificate issued by the college is accepted by MTR as an alternative to the stamp.

Lastly, submit the paper form and the e-Student Identity Certificate at the designated MTR stations.

Thus, if you like to visit our office, please take note to the special office hour arrangement, if any. Or, if you would like to apply for the e-Student Identity Certificate from the college, please complete the online form and the certificate will be returned to you by email in due course.

For details, please refer to the guideline on the MTR website, Youtube, a pdf infographic or the official instruction as below:


New arrangements for MTR Student Travel Scheme Renewal (2020/2021)

In the MTR we are committed to the use of technology to enhance the experience of our customers. We are therefore pleased to inform you that from 1 September 2020, eligible students can use our on-line platform to activate the “Student Status” on their Personalized Octopus after notification of successful application. The renewal procedure can now be completed in two easy-to-follow steps.

1. Submit application.

Due to the continuing impact of COVID-19, special arrangements have been made for student identity verification. Instead of getting the school seal on paper, students can now submit the application form with an e-student identity certificate provided by their school. After completing the application form the student needs to submit the form and attached certificate at any designated MTR station

2. Renew the “Student Status” and pay the application fee ($20) by using the Octopus App.

A confirmation email, “Notification Letter – Renewal of “Student Status on a Personalized Octopus” with instructions, will be sent to successful applicants. (This arrangement is only applicable where applications have been made in hardcopy and where the email address is provided.)

MTR Corporation


MTR application guidelines 2020-21: