Student Locker Application

Application deadline: 23 September 2022

Location of the lockers: M/F, East Wing

Application link:

Notes for Applicants

1. Eligibility: All students are eligible to apply for the use of a locker.

2. Allocation:
2.1 A total of 171 student lockers are available for use.
2.2 A random lot draw process will take place upon the application deadline.
2.3 A maximum of ONE locker will be randomly assigned to each successful applicant.
2.4 Students are not allowed to select a locker.
2.5 Successful applicants can use their assigned lockers till 31 May 2022.
3. Fee: Free of charge
4. Regulations for the use of a student locker: Please read the regulations carefully before submission of an application.
5. Application: Please fill in the completed application form on or before 23 September, 2022. Late application will NOT be accepted. Successful applicants will be informed by E-mail on or before 27 September, 2021.
6. Enquires: Tel:2972 7373 or

Regulations for the Use of Student Lockers
1. Students should provide their own padlocks for their lockers and keep the lockers locked at all times.
2. Lockers are the property of the College and students are not allowed to make any alterations to the lockers.
3. Posting of stickers or posters on or inside the lockers is not allowed.
4. For the safety reasons, bulk items, such as badminton rackets should not be hung outside or put on top of the lockers.
5. Students should take full responsibility for the items stored in the lockers and are advised not to store any valuables.
6. Storage of perishable food or any items which are illegal nature or prohibited materials including those of flammable, corrosive, explosive or toxic nature having the potential of causing injury or illness is prohibited.
7. The College will not be responsible for the security of the items kept inside the lockers. In case of theft, students are required to report to the Student Affairs Office immediately (Tel: 2972 7373). During non-office hours, please report to the Facility Management Office (Tel: 2972-7388).
8. Lockers are not transferable and unauthorized use of lockers is strictly forbidden.
9. A request for the service of cutting the padlock of a locker will be charged a handling fee of HKD100.
10. Any violation of the locker regulations by the users may result in termination of the use of lockers. Disciplinary action will be handled by the Student Affairs Office in accordance with the Student Handbook.
11. The College reserves the right, in case of emergency or violation of the above regulations, to take possession of the lockers and is not liable for any loss or damage of property stored in the lockers.

Return of Lockers
1. In case of withdrawal or termination from studies during term time, students are required to inform the Student Affairs Office in writing. Students are required to vacate their lockers immediately and leave the door unlocked. Without completion of the return of lockers procedure, there will be a delay on the refund of the caution money.
2. Upon graduation, students are required to vacate their lockers and leave the doors unlocked on or before the end date of the last semester enrolled or a date advised by the College, whichever is earlier.
3. On or before 31 May 2020, students are required to clear their lockers and remove their padlocks. Upon expired period of use, the Student Affairs Office has the authority to open such lockers and dispose of all items found without further notice.

# The Student Affairs Office reserves the right to approve or disapprove any application and to allocate lockers.