Frequently Asked Questions

About application:

Q.1 How do I apply for the student residential hall? When does the application open?

After receiving the hall application email, fill in the online application form during the application period. Application normally opens in June and November each year.

Please note that you need the following documents: address proof, academic record, non-academic achievement certificates, and a recent photo. Please see the application website for details.

Q.2 How much is the hall fee? Are electricity, water, gas and internet bills included?

Hall fee for 2023-24:

Two-bed room:    HKD 2,200 (Monthly)

Three-bed room: HKD 1,800 (Monthly)

The hall fee is subject to change each year.

** Electricity, water, gas and internet bills are already included in the rental.

Q.3 How likely will I be able to get a place at the hall? Is it possible to live in the hall throughout my study years?

Hall places are given out based on the application scores of applicants.

The score is calculated according to a number of factors i.e. whether the applicant have lived in the hall before, distance from applicant’s home to campus, year of study, academic performance, participation in college groups and activities.

If an applicant is able to obtain a high score each year, he or she is possible to get a place throughout their study years.

Q.4 Can I pick my own roommate?

Applicants are not allowed to pick their roommates. Students who are offered a place will be randomly assigned to available rooms.

Q.5 Is it possible to have a full room for myself without sharing?

Due to safety concerns and limited places, residents are not allowed to live alone in a room and must share a room with others under normal circumstances.

Q.6 Does the Student Affairs Office help students who are unable to get a hall place look for out-of-campus accommodation?

For those who are unable to get a place at the hall and have difficulty finding housemates, the Student Affairs Office will help connect these students so that they can form groups. However, the Student Affairs Office will not help students look for accommodation.

Before check-in:

Q.7 What are the necessary items that I should bring when moving into the hall?

Daily necessities such as clothes for both cold and hot seasons, bed sheet, pillow and blanket, cleaning utensils, eating utensils, body care products, slippers.

Q.8 Are electrical appliances for daily use such as iron, water pot, vacuum cleaner provided in the hall room?

No electrical appliances are provided in the hall rooms. Residents will have to bring their own appliances if necessary. Please be reminded to use certified appliances to avoid possible accidents.

Q.9 What is the size of the bed mattress?

76.3cm (width) x 190.5cm (length)

Q.10 Can I bring extra furniture into the hall room?

No extra furniture is allowed in the hall room to avoid blocking of the passage.

Q.11 Can I keep pets in the hall room?

No pets are allowed in the hall.

Living in the hall:

Q.12 Where is the Student Affairs Office located?

The Student Affairs Office is located in E105, 1/F.

Q.13 What is the opening hours of the Student Affairs Office?

Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 6:00pm.
Saturdays, Sundays and school holidays: Closed.

For emergencies please call 2972-7388.

Q.14 Can I smoke in the hall?

Smoking is not allowed on campus. Points and penalty applies if the smoke detector is triggered by smoking. For details see Hall Rules and Regulations.

Q.15 Can I cook in the hall?

Students are not allowed to cook in the hall. However, students can use the microwave and fridges in the pantry for storing and heating of food.

Q.16 Can I put on posters on the wall?

You may put posters on the wall, however all damages or tape marks on the wall will be charged during check-out. A better option would be posting posters on wooden surfaces rather than on the walls.

Q.17 Can I bring visitors into the hall?

Yes, you may bring visitors under these circumstances:

  • visitors are only allowed from 9:00am to 10:00pm
  • visitors are restricted to the public areas on G/F and 1/F unless accompanied by residents
  • one visitor per resident
  • visitors must comply all hall rules and regulations
Q.18 Is there internet connection in the hall rooms?

Both Wifi and Ethernet connection are available in the hall rooms.

Q.19 Are there cleaning service or do residents have to clean their own rooms?

Cleaners are only responsible for cleaning common areas such as pantries and toilets. No cleaning service will be provided for individual rooms.

Q.20 Can I request for a change of roommate if we do not get along?

Changing of roommates is not encouraged in the hall. If there is a need, residents will have to report to the Student Affairs Office for consideration. 

Q.21 Where can I top-up air-conditioning credits?

You can top-up your account with your Smart Card at the Smart Meter System machine in the pantry on each floor.

Q.22 What is the address of the hall room to receive mails and packages? Where can I retrieve it?

In English:

Name of Recipient

Room No. DXXX, Student Hall

Hong Kong Chu Hai College,

80 Castle Peak Road, Castle Peak Bay, New Territories, Hong Kong






Q.23 Where can I report for broken facilities or equipment in the room or hall area?

You can report broken facilities or equipment via Student Residential Hall Maintenance Report Form.

Please note that you will need to login Microsoft Forms with your student email and password.

Q.24 Due to some circumstances, I plan to move out of the hall. How can I apply for hall withdrawal? Can I get any refund?

You are required to inform the Student Affairs Office (E105) for hall withdrawal. Hall fees will not be refunded to move out residents under all circumstances.

Q.25 What if I lost my keys or resident card?

If you lost your room key or resident card, you should notify Student Affairs Office or the Warden’s Team immediately for arrangement subject to the corresponding administration and penalty charges.


Q.26 What if I need emergency attention?

Please call the college 24 hours hotline 2972-7388 if you need emergency attention.

After Check-out:

Q.27 What is the check-out procedure?

You are required to follow these steps:

  1. Clear all trash
  2. Bring all your personal belongings to the location assigned by the SAO
  3. Perform room inspection with staff
  4. Check remaining credits in your resident card
  5. Complete the online residential hall check-out form
  6. Complete Hall Satisfaction Questionnaire
Q.28 When can I get the deposit back?

You can collection your deposit around 6-8 weeks after completion of check-out. Penalties will be deduced from the deposit for any damages in your room.

Q.29 Is it possible to continue staying in the same room if I also get a place next year?

No. All rooms will be re-assigned every academic year.

Q.30 Can I keep my things in the hall during semester break or do I have to store them somewhere else until the next semester starts?

All personal belongings have to be cleared at check-out. If residents need a place for storage, they will have to make arrangements with local storage companies on their own.

Q.31 Can I stay in the hall during summer break?

No. Repair work will be done during summer break therefore students are not allowed to stay.