Date: 31.10.2019 (THU) Time: 14:00-18:00 Venue: The Glass Corridor (1/F) Food Booths: Shanxi Vineger & Mongolian Milk Tea German Sausage & Music Thai Food Korean Teokbokki Beigian Pancakes Taiwanese Taro […]

Following the Cultural Exchange Day, our exchange students from Korea and Germany would like to teach us their home language through sharing about their culture. If you wish to widen […]

Feeling stressed from tests and assignments? The Student Affairs Office invites you to the Happy Hour x Cultural Exchange Day for some fun and relaxation! On top of snacks and games, students from multiple […]

ENGINEERING AND COMMERCE CASE COMPETITION 2020 The application period was over. Video from the 2018-19 team TrailBlazers!