Student Exchange

Credit: Phan Virginia (Inbound exchange student from France)

Student Exchange Programme

Country University
PRC  Communication University of China  中國傳媒大學 
PRC  Hebei University of Technology  河北工業大學 
PRC  Hebei Agricultural University   河北農業大學 
PRC  Fudan University  復旦大學 
Taiwan  Chung Yuan Christian University  中原大學 
Taiwan  National Changhua University of Education  國立彰化大學 
Taiwan  National Chengchi University  國立政治大學 
Taiwan  National United University  聯合大學 
Taiwan  Shu Te University, Taiwan  台灣樹德科技大學 
Taiwan  National Taiwan University  臺灣大學 
Taiwan  National University of Tainan  國立臺南大學 
Taiwan  MingDao University  明道大學 
Taiwan  Shih Hsin University  世新大學 
Taiwan  Feng Chia University  逢甲大學 
Taiwan  Fu Jen Catholic University  天主教輔仁大學 
Korea  Dankook University  檀國大學 
Japan  Fukuoka University 福岡大學
Japan  Kyoto Seika University, Japan  京都精華大學 
Japan  Tokuyama University  德山大學 
Thailand Chulalongkorn University
Germany  Universität Duisburg in Essen 
Germany  Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
Germany  Universität Potsdam 
Belgium  Universiteit Hasselt 
Australia  Deakin University, Faculty of Business and Law 


Sharings from Outbound Exchange Students:

“After studying in Belgium, I gained new perspectives on my studies and personal life.  Belgians have a different way of life. They taught me how to enjoy the weekend and make better use of my time.  My classmates, professors and the university staffs were very friendly and they helped me adapt to my classes and the new environment. I also took the chance to travel to Holland, France, Switzerland and Italy. It was a great experience to live in a foreign country and travel around Europe.”


CHING Yuen Ki 程琬淇
Department of Architecture 建築系
Host university: Universiteit Hasselt, Belgium  所赴院校:比利時哈瑟爾特大學


“If you ask me what rewards I have gained from the BEST program, I would say it is the attitude towards life. The locals would spend most of the time to do what they value. For instance, the shops wou ld not be opened on Sundays and holidays, sometimes even on Saturdays. They would spend the time with family in holiday. They would chat and drink in a place for the whole afternoon. Their pace is slow compared to Hong Kong. Yet, it is comfortable. I had just stayed in Germany for a month, but I felt relaxed and contented. The experience has made me a more compassionate, selfless and sympathetic person. These are the things that I have learnt.”

—— YUNG Wai Him William, Department of Business Administration
Host university: University of Duisberg-Essen, Germany



“…I have been studying at the University of Potsdam for five months. The host university offered some courses which are quite unique to me. I met people from different countries. It broadens my horizon…Not only do I have to thank my home university for giving me a chance to be an exchange student but also to the University of Potsdam. My decision to join the exchange programme is definitely justified.

—— LAW Nok Yi, Department of English
Host university: Potsdam University, Germany



—— 袁新岩,新闻传播学系


In the learning process, explanations from professors and classmates made me gain a wealth of knowledge. The innovative teaching methods also put spice into a dull classroom. In addition to acquiring academic knowledge, I also built up genuine friendship with my classmates there, which offered me an unforgettable experience.


—— LO Shuk Yan (Left 2 in the photo), Department of Architecture
Host university: Dankook University, Korea

—— 盧淑欣(照片左二),建築學系學生


Going on an exchange programme at the Communication University of China has given me lots of chances to learn more about media production in China by attending classes. Interacting with the local students also enabled me to understand each other’s culture, background and way of thinking.


—— KOON Ka Man, Department of Journalism and Communication
Host university: Commu­ni­ca­tion University of China, Beijing

—— 管嘉雯,新聞及傳播學系學生


“I can say that the experience of being an exchange student this year has affected my life. I came across many people and plenty of things. Every day I heard stories from different countries, and learnt different folk customs, which enriched my life experience. I was fortunate in making friends with many people from various countries. Friendship is the most valuable thing I have acquired this year. Coming from

different parts of the world, we put aside our old values to have a taste of new things, and we opened ourselves up to forge profound friendship, which gave a sense of satisfaction that is hard to describe in words. I have been to a few countries to visit my good friends, and have invited them to visit to Hong Kong, with me as their tourist guide. Currently, I am planning to visit them in different countries next summer holiday!”


—— TAI Ka Yee, Department of Journalism & Communication
Host institution: Dankook University, Korea

—— 戴嘉誼,新聞及傳播學系學生

Sharing from Inbound Exchange Students:

“I like the way how Hong Kong combines Western and Asian culture. Here you have both hyper modern architecture and culture that comes from Hong Kong being a centre of commerce. At the same time, the local culture is right beside it, which is more symbiotic…In my university, I studied English with a scholarly focus. At Chu Hai, I took Media English with a focus on media and communication which is taught by professionals from the industry. I also took Media Communication for International Affairs which is very informative…it is very interesting to study English here with a new perspective.”



SCHLIEPHAKE Nadja Valentina, English for Professional Communication 英語專業傳意
Home university: Universität Potsdam,Germany 原屬院校:德國波茨坦大學


My name is Belinda from Frankfurt in Germany.
I am really looking forward to my exchange semester in Hong Kong as I am deeply interested in other cultures. After my A level I have been to Hong Kong for one week and really enjoyed the big, multi cultural city. That is why I decided to come back for my semester abroad. A main reason for me to go abroad is to gain new experiences with other cultures, to improve my English and to get to know an other university with interesting classes. I am curious to meet a lot of interesting new people from all over the world and make a lot of new friends. Certainly, I want to travel a lot while I’m in Hong Kong because I want to experience as much as possible. As an rather active and open minded person I hope to meet new friends very fast and have an amazing time together!


—— Heigl Belinda from Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Hey folks, I´m Julia from Berlin, Germany.
At home I´m studying international management in the 3rd year.
I spent the last 3 month interning at Mastercard in Sydney, Australia.
I´m really looking forward to my stay in Hongkong and especially to the time at the Chu Hai College. I´m curious to meet students from all over the world and make new friends!
I´m also looking for travel buddies who are keen to go on trips to the outer city region and China.
I love being outdoors and go hiking. Back home I spent a lot of time with my horse and my dog. Furthermore I´m passionate about traveling and diving into different cultures.
I´m also a big fan of theater, stand up comedy and concerts.
See you on campus!

—— Gschmeidy Julia from Business School Berlin, Germany


Chu Hai College provided me with high quality lectures. The lectures were taught in English and all of them had their own specialty…… I was happy to see the involvement of the student union, in terms of activities and organizing an Orientation-Camp for new students. … I enjoyed the environment as well as living here on the brand-new campus. Chu Hai College provided me with the opportunity to explore many different possibilities for my future.

珠海學院的講課質量很高,所有課堂都以英語講課,而每堂課都有它的特色。…… 我也為學生會的投入感到高興,它組織了很多活動以及迎新營。……我很享受新校園的環境,住在這裡很舒服。珠海學院為我提供了機會,去探索自己將來的各種可能性。

—— Seny Chowdhary (Sunny), from the Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany
—— 來自德國杜伊斯堡-埃森大學


For my study experience, I am very satisfied with the courses I chose because the teachers are enthusiastic and they broadened my horizon. I got to know more about myself and how I can build my career. I am very surprised how involved and closed to their students the teachers here are. It builds student’s self-confidence and makes them happy to come and study. Studying abroad at Chu Hai College is a life experience that won’t come into your life twice, so if you have the chance to go, seize it!

—— Virginia PHAN, from the Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales, France


—— Virginia PHAN 來自法國巴黎東方語言文化學院




First of all my personal goal is to meet new people and getting to know more about their culture and personal habits.
Another goal of mine is to improve my knowledge of financial topics and my English skills which are both important for my future career and my life.
Moreover I hope that I can also improve my presentation skills especially to speak in front of a lot of people.


My expectations for my semester abroad are the same as you see above. I think I will learn a lot of new things and meet a lot of new people. Furthermore the way the students learn is different because you learn in smaller groups and there are more interactions in the courses. You make presentations, write homework assignments and make group projects and this is very important for my soft skills and for my Eng-lish. We do not have this in our university. Also I think the courses are more informal because there are not so many students and you have a closer cooperation with the professors.

—— Wesp Bjorn from Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Living in Hong Kong would be one of the most challenging steps I’ve taken in life. It doesn’t has anything to do with being away from home since I really enjoy travelling to different places and stay there as long as I could to get the feeling of places and its cultures.

Nevertheless, becoming an exchange student in Hong Kong is a totally different story which I feel like there’s more than just travelling, have fun and try to get through the day but the challenging part is trying to adapt and working towards my dreams, so I’d like to see and prove to myself that I can  live well or even do well in any places.  Hong Kong to me is never really an ideal place to live in but if we are talking about working skills and life perspective, I can see that I would learn so much from staying in Hong Kong.

—— Nattakarn Wongratanakulthon from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


The Department of Architecture has a variety of international and inspiring professors. This results in a very international education that provided me with a lot of new perspectives about architecture. The positive atmosphere in the studios was a boosting factor during the design progress of my assignments.


—— Jakob Ghijsebrechts, from the Universiteit Hasselt, Belgium
—— 來自比利時哈塞爾特大學



My name is Pathitta Sivamard. I am a fourth year architecture student in Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. I came to Hong Kong to study as an exchange student for one semester. The past three years at Chulalongkorn University have granted me a solid foundation in design and architecture and also inspired me to dream of pursuing a career in sustainable architecture.

I came here in hopes of many things. I want to experience new environment and meet new people. Hong Kong is ranked as one of the most sustainable cities in Asia and I am looking forward to numerous opportunities in participating in cutting-edge researches and doing projects surrounding the subject I greatly enjoy. Studying and living in Hong Kong will certainly fuel my aspiration in sustainable architecture.

—— Pathitta Sivamard from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


All of the lectures were taught in English. Moreover, they were really interesting. It was a really new experience for me, because the teaching methods were different from those in Germany. We had on average just 20 students per lecture. All of the professors and the entire staff were really kind, and if we had any questions they would always take time for us. …

—— Seddanth Kakkar (Sid), from the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany


—— Seddanth Kakkar (Sid) 來自德國歌德大學