Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations


a) “The College” means Hong Kong Chu Hai College.
b) “The Residential Hall” means the Student Residential Hall owned and maintained by Hong Kong Chu Hai College.
c) “Student resident” means an enrolled full-time undergraduate student of the College who completed the residence admission procedures.
d) “SAO” means the Student Affairs Office of the College.

e) “Warden’s Team” means the administrative body tasked with providing welfare support and maintaining disciplinary control within The Residential Hall.
f) “FMO” means the Facilities Management Office of the College.


Student residents shall comply with all the stated rules and regulations, terms and conditions of the Residential Hall. Student residents shall agree and undertake the following rules and regulations.


1. Verification of Identity of Student Residents or Visitors
1.1 For the sake of safety and security, student residents or visitors are required to present their Resident / Student Card and identification document (i.e. HKID Card and Passport) at the request of authorized staff of the College. Any individuals without proof of identification documents will not be permitted entering into the Residential Hall.

2. Code of Personal Conduct
2.1 To abide by the rules and regulations governing the Residential Hall.
2.2 To be cooperative and follow the instruction of authorized staff of the College.
2.3 To respect and be polite to others, including staff, other residents and visitors.
2.4 To be considerate and tolerant of others, and to avoid fighting or causing any disturbance to others or performing any act of harming oneself or others.
2.5 To keep their noise at a reasonable level in order not to cause nuisance to fellow residents and neighbors, especially during quiet hours between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.
2.6 To be properly attired in common areas.
2.7 To be environmental friendly.
2.8 To seek assistance immediately in case of illness or accident or extenuating circumstances.
2.9 To use the computing network provided by the College in proper manners, not to involve in any illegal activities against the Residential Hall’s regulations and the laws of Hong Kong.
2.10 Residents should not behave in any manner which is considered improper in any circumstance. DO NOT to involve in any act against the laws of Hong Kong.
2.11 According to the amended Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance, smoking is prohibited on campus (indoors and outdoors areas).
2.12 Throwing objects from height is prohibited.
2.13 No gambling (including mahjong) is permitted.
2.14 For safety reasons, residents are advised not to return late at night.

3. Personal Belongings
3.1 To take all reasonable steps to safeguard your personal belongings. Residents should not keep valuables in the Residential Hall.
3.2 To keep windows and doors locked when leaving the room for the prevention of crime. For any suspected act of theft, please inform the staff.
3.3 The College assumes no responsibilities for any loss of or damage to any personal property or whatsoever beyond the control of the College.

4. Restricted Articles
4.1 Possession and consumption of the following materials are prohibited in the Student Residential Hall:
-Any dangerous or prohibited items, such as drugs, toxic, flammable, explosive, corrosive and other dangerous goods
-Alcoholic beverages
-Obscene and indecent articles, objectionable publications and video products
-Gambling tools
-Indecent or offensive slogans, posters or pictures.
4.2 The College has the right to confiscate restricted articles mentioned above, including but not limited to, alcoholic beverages, indecent materials, gambling tools, mahjong, banners, posters.

5. Rooms and Residence
5.1 Rooms are for individual student residence only and not to be used for any commercial purposes or lending to others.
5.2 Residents should adhere to the proper use of the residence address, and not for any commercial purposes or lending to others.
5.3 Residents must check-in to their designated rooms and are not allowed to change, occupy, rent or lend out room or beds without prior approval of the College.
5.4 Residents must refrain from obstructing emergency escape. Nor put along fire escapes, corridors and stairwells personal items such as garbage, shoes, slippers, umbrellas. The College will immediately confiscate any belongings or items unattended without prior notice as stipulated in the “Guide to Users of CHCHE”.
5.5 To prevent the occurrence of unexpected events, residents are not allowed to replace the door locks of the rooms or to add padlocks. Residents are not allowed to alter, take away, move, add or remove furniture and facilities of the rooms.
5.6 Residents are not allowed to put up graffiti, posters and advertisements and to glue, drill, write on or deface the walls, floors and ceilings of the rooms. If there is any damage, residents shall compensate the College for the damage.
5.7 For offenders, the maximum penalty is the immediate termination of residency. Residents shall immediately move out of the Residential Hall. All fees paid by the residents will not be refunded.
5.8 Before entering the bedroom of another resident, prior consent must be obtained from the roommates at all times.
5.9 Residents should not enter the residence floors or rooms of the opposite gender between 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.
5.10 Between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., residents must not stay in another resident’s bedroom or another floor of residence. Otherwise, the resident is considered as an illegal resident.

Room Metal Keys
5.11 Residents must take good care of the room metal keys which shall not be transferred to others.
5.12 Metal keys must be returned to the College at the end of residency.
5.13 If you forget to bring your room keys, you can contact your floor tutor to request assistance in opening the door. However, please note that there will be a fee of 50 HKD charged for each instance of door opening.
5.14 If you lose your room metal keys, please notify FMD immediately for the replacement of metal keys subject to the corresponding administration and penalty charges.

Electrical Installations
5.15 Electricity theft as well as alteration and addition of electrical wirings and facilities are strictly prohibited.
5.16 Residents shall not interfere with or disrupt the power cable systems, smart card systems, CCTV system, smoke detector, fire sprinkler and lighting systems, emergency escape, or any other residence and room facilities.
5.17 Residents are not permitted to use electrical appliances with high power consumption, including but not limited to, such categories as electric heaters, television sets, microwave oven, electric panels, refrigerators and the like.

Public Properties
5.18 Without the approval of staff, residents are not allowed to swap, take away, move or alter any public property.
5.10 Without the approval of staff, residents are not allowed to put up graffiti, posters and advertisements and to glue, tap, drill, write on or deface the walls, windows, floors and ceilings of the public area. If there is any damage, residents shall compensate the College for the damage.
5.20 Any public property, including but not limited to, books, newspapers and magazines shall be used within the same location where they are placed. Do not take away the items without prior permission. Compensation will be demanded for any damage.

6. Hygiene and Cleanliness
6.1 Residents should maintain personal hygiene, clean up their bedrooms, and make sure that bedrooms and public places are in good condition.
6.2 End-of-Term cleaning service will be arranged during Term break and after mass check-out. Notifications of cleaning schedules and arrangements will be announced one to two weeks in advance.
6.3 Residents are not allowed to dry clothes on the window frame, window grills or in public places.
6.4 Garbage should be put into the appropriate garbage bins.
6.5 No pets or animals are allowed in the Residential Hall.

 7. Visitors
7.1 Unless accompanied by their host residents, visitors are normally restricted to the public areas at G/F and 1/F levels.
7.2 Visitors accompanied by their host residents into the Residential Hall shall complete the visitor registration procedures. Residents shall escort the visitor to collect, wear and return the visitor pass. An administrative fee will be charged if the visitor pass is lost.
7.3 Host residents are held responsible for the conduct and safety of the visitor, or any charges or damages incurred by the visitor while s/he is in the Residential Hall.
7.4 Visitors may visit The Residential Hall between 08:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. No entrance of visitors is allowed after 09:30 p.m.
7.5 Each resident shall have a maximum of one visitor at any one time.
7.6 Visitors must comply with all the rules and regulations as set out in the rules and regulations. The Residential Hall staff and the FMO reserve the right to prohibit a resident, visitor or any other person from entering the Residential Hall, or demand him to leave the Residential Hall premises at any time when deemed necessary.
7.7 The Residential Hall staff and FMO reserve the right to report to the police if any person is found entering or residing without proper registration or prior approval.

8. Fire Prevention and Safety Tips
8.1 Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Residential Hall (i.e. bedrooms and washrooms).
8.2 Cooking is prohibited in the Residential Hall.
8.3 Residents can use a microwave oven in the pantry and Common Room for reheating only and should clean up immediately after use.
8.4 To prevent possible fire accident: do not burn paper or debris. Do not hang any items onto the fan.
8.5 Do not hang any items onto the smoke detector and fire sprinkler pipe system. Do not use the fire services facilities for non-emergency purpose. Compensation will be demanded for any damage.
8.6 Use of fire exits are for emergency escape only.

9. Advertising and Promotion
9.1 Without prior approval of SAO and Warden’s Team, residents shall not place or put up any promotion materials within the Residential Hall area.
9.2 Any promotion materials are only allowed within the designated areas and that requires prior approval with the SAO’s stamp before displaying. Any offenders will be subject to further actions by SAO.
9.3 To prevent disturbance to residents and daily operations, marketing and commercial activities of any kind are strictly prohibited.
9.4 Shooting, recording, interviewing or the like are strictly prohibited in the Residential Hall area. If any of these activities are intended, an application to SAO and Warden’s Team must first be made 5 working days in advance.

10. Inspection
10.1 In order to maintain normal operations of the Residential Hall, staff will conduct inspections and enter the bedrooms at all times when necessary.
10.2 The Residential Hall staff will enter the bedrooms for duty from time to time. Under normal circumstances, staff will make prior notice to residents for the arrangement of scheduled works before entering their bedrooms (i.e. window cleaning, repair and maintenance service). In cases that accidents or extenuating circumstances occur, staff will enter a resident’s bedroom without prior notice for safety and security reasons.
10.3 For public health and safety reasons, the College has the right to request residents to move out of the Residential Hall. Balance of residence fee will be refunded in due course.

11. Termination of Residency / Residence Fee
11.1 Residents who drop out or are taking leave of absence shall have their residency terminated and shall move out of the Residential Hall within 5 working days. All prior payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.
11.2 Residents who are deemed unfit to stay at the Residential Hall by a medical doctor because of illness shall have their residency terminated. The College shall have the discretion to decide on how to handle the prior payments made by the residents.
11.3 Residents must move out of the Residential Hall on or before the specified date. The College has the right to dispose of the personal belongings in the bedrooms. In case of academic needs, an application for an early check-out or an extension of residency can be made. The extended residency shall not be later than the specified date.
11.4 In case of hall close down during the semester, residents are eligible to apply for full or partial refund of their hall fees. The College will announce the details if applicable.
11.5 Before moving out, residents are required to clean the rooms, and return room keys/smart card and other public property to the College. Residence deposits shall be forfeited if the items are not returned when the residents move out.
11.6 Details of penalty items and fees can be referred to page 30.

12. Disciplinary Actions
Residents who violated the rules and regulations will result in the recording according to the following Disciplinary Points System. Residents who have incurred 60 points will result in immediate termination of residency by the College without any refund.

Residents in violation of the misconduct as below will be heard with the deduction of 10 to 60 points recorded of each case.      

  Types of Misconduct Points
1. Causing hygienic nuisance to other student residents. For example, improper garbage disposal 10
2. Hanging and drying clothes by or outside the window or in public areas 10
3. Causing noise nuisance 10
4. Placing personal belongings outside the bedroom 10
5. Denying staff entry into the room to exercise their duties 10
6. Taking away properties of the Residential Hall 15
7. Entering a bedroom without the consent of other residents 15
8. Staying in another resident’s bedroom or floor after 10:00 p.m. 15
9. Unauthorized access of visitors accompanied by their host residents 15
10. Use of the Residential Hall address as a commercial correspondence address 15
11. Possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages 15
12. Moving furniture inside a bedroom without prior approval 15
13. Conducting promotion exercise in the Residential Hall premises 20
14. Shooting without prior approval in the Residential Hall premises 20
15. Using high-power appliances 20
16. Swapping of rooms or changing of desks, beds or wardrobe with your roommate without prior approval 20
17. Entering a bedroom of the opposite sex between 10:00and 8:00 a.m. 30
18. Visitors staying in the Residential Hall premises during non-visiting hours 30
19. Lending your smart card to others 30
20. Gambling and playing mahjong 30
21. Smoking 30
22. Vandalizing properties of the Residential Hall 30
23. Cooking with open flame 30
24. Carrying dangerous goods 30
25. Behavioral problems as a result of excessive alcohol 30
26. Bringing pets or animals into the residence 30
27. Theft 60
28. Tampering or vandalizing the emergency escape, power cable systems, computing network, smart card systems, closed circuit television (CCTV), smoke detector, fire sprinkler system and lighting system 60
29. Subletting 60
30. Throwing objects from height 60
31. Possession of drugs 60
32. Indecent behavior 60

Residents may make an appeal in writing to the Student Affairs Office within 10 working days from the date of notification. Notification of a final decision by the Appeal Panel will be made to applicants within 15 working days upon the receipt of appeal.

The College reserves the right to interpret these rules and regulations and update information without prior notice. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail. All residents are required to comply with the clauses related to personal conduct as stated in the Undergraduate Student Handbook.