Staff List

Post Name Ext. / Tel. Email Post Name Ext. / Tel. Email
Student Affairs Manager Mr. Soma LAU 2972 7363 Student Affairs Manager Ms. Veron WONG 2972 7440
____ Senior Specialist, Student Affairs Ms. Kathy YAN 2972 7365
  Specialist, Student Affairs Ms. Anna POON 2972 7453
Residential and College Life Section Student Resources and Support Section
Senior Student Affairs Officer Ms. Fanny LAU 2972 7364 Senior Student Development Officer Ms. Alice LAI 2972 7361
Student Affairs Officer Mr. Victer SHIU 2972 7373
Student Affairs Officer Mr. Jacky FU 2972 7426 Career Development Section
Senior Student Development Officer Mr. Gary LI 2972 7435
Physical Education Section Student Wellness and Development Section
Senior Physical Education Officer Mr. Ricky TANG 2972 7298 Counsellor (Counselling Psychologist) Ms. Shelby YU 2972 7454
Physical Education Officer Mr. Michael WAN 2972 7445
Physical Education Officer Mr. Leo LI 2972 7446
Physical Education Officer Ms. Natural YIP 2972 7444 ____


Warden’s Team Floor
Warden Dr. Edwin WU 3/F
Assistant Warden Dr. Linda WANG 4/F
Senior Tutor VACANT 2/F
Tutor Ms. Grace ZHANG 6/F
Tutor VACANT 3/F
Tutor VACANT 5/F
Student Tutor Mr. LI Jiacheng 3/F
Student Tutor Mr. WU Shijie 4/F
Student Tutor Ms. TAI Yan Yee 5/F
Student Tutor Ms. ZHANG Qing 5/F
Student Tutor Ms. ZHANG Jiabao 6/F
Student Tutor Ms. TAN Jinglan 6/F