Admission Policy of Student Residential Hall

  1. Eligibility

The following groups of students are eligible for hall residence: 

  • Full-time Local Students in Undergraduate Programmes 
  • Full-time Non-local Students in Undergraduate Programmes 
  • Full-time Local Students in 2-year Postgraduate Programmes 
  • Full-time Non-local Students in 2-year Postgraduate Programmes 

Students who cannot maintain their full-time student status will not be eligible for Hall residence and their hall applications will be invalid. Students who have already checked in will be required to check-out in one week. 

  1. Admission criteria

Residential scores will be calculated by SAO according to a set of admission criteria: 

  1. All first-year students and in Undergraduate Programmes and full-time inbound exchange students will be given top priority.
  2. Priority will decrease with the length of stay in the Residential Hall.
  3. Time required for travelling to and from will be taken into account.
  4. D. Hall residents who have made significant contribution to hall life, maintained good student conduct, and sustained satisfactory academic performance will be given extra credit for their application.
  5. E. Lots will be drawn to decide the order among students with the same residential scores
  6. Applicants having exceptional needs (e.g. students with personal hardships) for Hall residence will be given special consideration. The applicants should send documentary proof to establish their special need or in support of their application by email to on or before 30 June. All details provided will be kept confidential.
  7. Students are required to re-apply before their residential period expires. Re-admission is not guaranteed and will be processed according to the principles above.
  1. Hall Admission Point System
Criteria  Maximum Points 
Part A 

Travelling time between the college and home of applicant. Please refer to the fastest travelling time (*except special departures) via the “Hong Kong eTransport” website at 

Part B 

Study year 

Part C 

Contribution to campus life and hall life 

Total score  100 

For part C, points will be given to co-ordinators or committee members such as Student Ambassadors and Student Tutors of the past year.