Internship Scheme on Modern Logistics 2024

Internship Scheme on Modern Logistics

The Transport and Logistics Bureau (TLB) has launched the Internship Scheme on Modern Logistics (“the Scheme”) on 1 April this year to provide sponsorship to eligible logistics companies for recruiting interns to undertake duties relating to modern logistics.

Please find the details below.

  • Promote and support the sustainable development of the logistics industry
  • Nurture talents and allow more young people to learn about the innovative and digital logistics technologies and operations in the modern logistics industry, so as to encourage them to join the logistics industry after graduation
Eligibility Hong Kong residents who are lawfully employable in Hong Kong, and currently* –
(i) full-time students (including those who are in their final year of study)– undertaking undergraduate or sub-degree or diploma programmes in tertiary or training institutions in or outside Hong Kong; and
(ii) not beneficiaries under any publicly-funded internship programmes.* Excluding students currently undertaking postgraduate programmes.
Details of the Scheme

List of Internship Positions related to Modern Logistics (NEW)

  • Participating students are required to submit the applications direct to the recruiting companies.
  • Upon completion of the internship, each student has to submit an evaluation form to the MATF via the recruiting companies.

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