Summer Internship

Government Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship Programme 2020 (PSSSIP 2020)

The Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship Programme (PSSSIP) has been launched. The Programme provides internship opportunities for students who are permanent residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and enrolled in full-time accredited post-secondary programmes offered by post-secondary institutions locally and overseas.

Procedure and Application Method

    • Attach soft copies of resume/covering letter/other academic transcripts if required
    • Attached file size should not exceed 3MB
    • Mark clearly the reference number and the hiring department of the internship in your email subject. Application with missing information on the email subject will NOT be processed.
    • Submit your application before the deadline.  Late application will NOT be accepted.

Example: If you are applying for Department of Justice, Summer Intern (Event coordination). Subject (Department, Post Title) should be as follows:

Subject: Department of Justice, Summer Intern (Event coordination), Reference No.

Please note that for some openings, the College is required to make nomination.

Reference No. Post Date Department Post Title Closing Date
PSSSIP2020-01 13 March 2020 Home Affairs Department Summer Intern_HAD

Job Description_HAD

1 April 2020
PSSSIP2020-02 13 March 2020 Environmental Protection Department Summer Intern_EPD

Job Description_EPD

19 March 2020
PSSSIP2020-03 18 March 2020 Efficiency Office Summer Intern_Efficiency Office

Job Description_Efficiency Office

27 March 2020
PSSSIP2020-04 18 March 2020 Immigration Department Summer Intern_Immigration Dept

Job Description_Immigration Dept

15 April 2020
PSSSIP2020-05 27 March 2020 Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department Summer Intern_Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Dept 2 April 2020
PSSSIP2020-06 27 March 2020 Civil Aviation Department Summer Intern_Civil Aviation Dept

Questionnaire (2020)_ Civil Aviation Dept

2 April 2020
PSSSIP2020-07 27 March 2020 Audit Commission Summer Intern_Audit Commission

Job Description_Audit Commission

6 April 2020
PSSSIP2020-08 1 April 2020 Housing Department Summer Intern_Housing Department

Job Description_Housing Department

9 April 2020
PSSSIP2020-09 1 April 2020 Marine Department Job Description_Marine Department 9 April 2020