Government Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship Programme 2022 (PSSSIP 2022)

The Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship Programme (PSSSIP) has been launched. The Programme provides internship opportunities for students who are permanent residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and enrolled in full-time accredited post-secondary programmes offered by post-secondary institutions locally and overseas.

Procedure and Application Method

    • Attach soft copies of resume/covering letter/other academic transcripts if required
    • Attached file size should not exceed 3MB
    • Mark clearly the reference number and the hiring department of the internship in your email subject. Application with missing information on the email subject will NOT be processed.
    • Submit your application before the deadline.  Late application will NOT be accepted.

Example: If you are applying for Department of Justice, Summer Intern (Event coordination). Subject (Department, Post Title) should be as follows:

Subject: Department of Justice, Summer Intern (Event coordination), Reference No.

Please note that for some openings, the College is required to make nomination.

Reference No. Post Date Department Post Title Closing Date for College
PSSSIP2022-36 23 May 2022 Innovation and Technology Commission Application Form_ITC_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_ITC

26 May 2022
PSSSIP2022-35 19 May 2022 Labour Department Application Form_LD_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_LD

Job Description_LD

26 May 2022
PSSSIP2022-34 11 May 2022 New Territories North Regional Crime Prevention Office Application Form_NTNRCPO_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_NTNRCPO

Job Description_NTNRCPO

25 May 2022
PSSSIP2022-33 5 May 2022 Water Supplies Department Application Form_WSD_Summer Internship

Job description_WSD

11 May 2022
PSSSIP2022_32 5 May 2022 Lands Department Application Form_LD_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_LD

10 May 2022
PSSSIP2022_31 4 May 2022 Office of the Government Chief Information Officer Application Form_OGCIO_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_OGCIO

Job Description_OGCIO

11 May 2022
PSSSIP2022_30 3 May 2022 Leisure Services Branch of Leisure and Cultural Services Department Application Form_LCSD_LS_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_LCSD_LS

Job Description_LCSD_LS_Post 1_Intelligent Booking Applications Section

Job Description_LCSD_LS_Post 2_Special Gardening Sub-section

Job Description_LCSD_LS_Post 3_Yuen Long District

14 May 2022
PSSSIP2022_29 3 May 2022 Transport Department Application Form_TD_Summer Internship

Job Description_TD

13 May 2022
PSSSIP2022_28 29 April 2022 Civil Engineering and Development Department Application Form_CEDD_Summer Internship

Job Description_CEDD

6 May 2022
PSSSIP2022_27 28 April 2022 Immigration Department Application Form_IMMD_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_IMMD

Job Description_IMMD

6 May 2022
PSSSIP2022_26 27 April 2022 Hong Kong Police College Application Form_PC_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_PC

25 May 2022
PSSSIP2022_25 27 April 2022 Civil Service College Application Form_CSC_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_CSC

3 May 2022
PSSSIP2022_24 27 April 2022 Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency Application Form_WFSFAA_Summer Internship

Job Description_WFSFAA_Eng

Job Description_WFSFAA_Chi

3 May 2022
PSSSIP2022_23 26 April 2022 Office of the Communications Authority Application Form_OFCA_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_OFCA

Job Description_OFCA_Attachment 1a

Job Description_OFCA_Attachment 1b

3 May 2022
PSSSIP2022_22 25 April 2022 Hong Kong Post

Application Form_HKPO_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_HKPO

3 May 2022
PSSSIP2022_21 22 April 2022 The Treasury Application Form_TAB_RAS3_3 months internship

Application Form_TAB_FRD_6 months internship

Summer Intern_TAB

29 April 2022
PSSSIP2022_20 22 April 2022 Airport District, Hong Kong Police Force

Application Form_APTDIST_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_APTDIST

4 May 2022
PSSSIP2022_19 22 April 2022 Police Public Relations Branch Application Form_PPRB_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_PPRB

4 May 2022
PSSSIP2022_18 22 April 2022 Rating and Valuation Department Application Form_RVD_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_RVD

29 April 2022
PSSSIP2022_17 22 April 2022 Correctional Services Department Application Form_CSD_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_CSD

Job Description_CSD

28 April 2022
PSSSIP2022_16 20 April 2022 Hong Kong Film Archive Application Form_HKFA_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_HKFA

Job Description_HKFA

26 April 2022
PSSSIP2022_15 20 April 2022 Government Property Agency Application Form_GPA_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_GPA

25 April 2022
PSSSIP2022_14  13 April 2022 Census and Statistics Department Application Form_CSD_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_CSD

20 April 2022
PSSSIP2022_13  13 April 2022 Lantau District (Police and Community Relations Office), Hong Kong Police Force Application Form_PCRO_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_PCRO

04 May 2022
PSSSIP2022_12  13 April 2022 Architectural Services Department Application Form_ASD_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_ASD

19 April 2022
PSSSIP2022_11 8 April 2022 Food and Environmental Hygiene Department Application Form_FEHD_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_FEHD

27 April 2022
PSSSIP2022_10 8 April 2022 Marine Department Application Form_MD_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_MD

Job Description_MD_Chi

Job Description_MD_Eng

20 April 2022
PSSSIP2022_09 7 April 2022 Efficiency Office, Innovation and Technology Bureau Application Form_ITB_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_ITB

12 April 2022
PSSSIP2022_08 1 April 2022 Efficiency Office Application Form_EO_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_EO

Job Description_EO

11 April 2022
PSSSIP2022_07 1 April 2022 Inland Revenue Department Application Form_IRD_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_IRD

7 April 2022
PSSSIP2022_06 29 March 2022 Leisure and Cultural Services Department Application Form_LCSD_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_LCSD

Job Description_LCSD

4 April 2022
PSSSIP2022_05 25 March 2022 Housing Department Application_Form_HD_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_HD

Job Description_HD_Appendix I(A)

4 April 2022
PSSSIP2022_04 25 March 2022 Civil Aviation Department Application_Form_CAD_Summer Internship

Questionnaire on Academic Qualification_CAD

Summer Intern_CAD

4 April 2022
PSSSIP2022_03 25 March 2022 Environmental Protection Department Application Form_EPD_Summer Internship

Summer Intern_EPD

Job Description_EPD_Appendix 1

4 April 2022
PSSSIP2022-02 14 March 2022 Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department Application Form_AFCD_Summer Internship

Summer Intern Project 1_AFCD

Summer Intern Project 39_AFCD

30 March 2022
PSSSIP2022-01 11 January 2022 Department of Justice Application_Form_DoJ_Summer_Internship

Summer Intern_Dept of Justice

Job Description_Dept of Justice

4 February 2022