Student Society and Group

Create your unique campus life! Active participation in various campus and student events is important to your college experience. You are encouraged to join or form your own student group for gathering with the like minded buddies and personal development. Student group members will also be invited to participate in the governance of internal or external committees to convey student’s opinions to the decision makers.


Forming a student group is very easy. Gather your like minded classmates, write about the nature of your group in the Student Society Registration Form and there you go. Student groups successfully registered under the Student Affairs Office enjoy the full support from us to run your ideas and events. Still not sure how to get started? Email us at anytime.

You can always check out the latest events at News and Events page.



組建學生團體非常容易。尋找你志同道合的同學,並在 學生社團註冊表格 中寫出您的團體性質及理念,就大功告成了!於學生事務處成功註冊的學生團體將得到我們的全力支持,從而可以盡情實踐你的理念。如有疑問,歡迎隨時與我們聯絡。電郵