Our Residential Hall Tutorial Team

Introduction to our Tutorial Team

Warden Senior Tutor Tutor Student Tutor
Dr. Edwin WU Mr. Sam CHEUNG Dr. Natalie LI Ms. Vince LAI
Assistant Professor
(Department of Architecture)
Senior Lecturer
(Department of Accounting and Banking)
Assistant Professor
(Department of Civil Engineering)
MArch Student
(Department of Architecture)

What do Tutorial Team do?

  1. Responsible for the engagement, welfare, morale, and discipline of the residents
  2. Design the Hall Programme according to the College’s vision
  3. Advise and facilitate student-led initiatives
  4. Stand-by response to emergency situations and handle disciplinary issues


The hall tutorial team should take up the responsibility to create:

  • a safe and secure living environment
  • a disturb-free learning and resting place
  • a cozy community to accommodate different cultures, habits, and living styles.

Therefore, for new incomers, members of the hall tutorial team will help to appraise resident(s) on their:

  • integration with communities
  • personal concerns, health, and academic progress
  • study-life balance

For joining the floor WhatsApp and WeChat group, please contact edwinwu@chuhai.edu.hk. Thank you.