The CHCHE Job Hunting Guide

Welcome to Chu Hai College of Higher Education which will open a new chapter in your life.

Higher education is a comprehensive preparation as a person and professional for all the challenges of a fulfilling and meaningful life ahead.

The Job Hunting Guide is designed for students who want to explore career and enhance your college experience. As you read through the guide, complete the exercises by reviewing your experiences, and imagining the future. Be reminded to be active, open-minded on the lookout for new opportunities.

This guide will help you:

  • To explore new options in career and studies
  • To identify barriers in career planning
  • To research your career options
  • Make career decisions
  • Develop a support network in career exploration and job search
  • To gain hands-on skills in job search

If you need help in the process, you are always welcome to approach Student Affairs Office.

Let’s start our journey!