Job Portal (Student)

Ann. DateTitleCompanyTypeSalary
2023/05/29Assistant Training Officer Centaline Property Agency LtdFull-timeHKD$16,000
2023/05/29Assistant Software Engineer IT Channel (Asia) LimitedFull-timeHKD 17,000- HKD 20,000
2023/05/24Teaching Assistant Acorn International Group LimitedFull-timeHKD$12000
2023/05/22Assistant Human Resources Officer Centaline Property Agency LimitedFull-timeHKD$18000
2023/05/19Temporary Clerk (Summer Job) Centaline Property Agency LtdInternshipHKD$10000
2023/05/19Audit Trainee – Summer Intern / Part-time ClaytonConcept & Co., Certified Public Accountants (Practising)InternshipHKD$8000-10000
2023/05/18F&B Management Trainee Lubuds F&B GroupFull-timenegotiable
2023/05/18Corporate Secretarial Assistant Hongkong Managers and Secretaries LimitedFull-timeHK$14000 - HK$16000
2023/05/16Project Management Trainee Legend Interiors LimitedFull-timeHK$15000
2023/05/16Auditor (Welcome Fresh Graduate) Nova CPA LimitedFull-timeHKD$18000
2023/05/16Accounting Officer (Welcome Fresh Graduate) Nova CPA LimitedFull-timeHKD$18000
2023/05/16Business Analyst (Welcome Fresh Graduate) Nova Global Services LimitedFull-timeHKD$18000
2023/05/15Marketing Assistant (Part-Time) Media-Walk Co. Ltd.Part-timeHKD$65-70 per hour
2023/05/10Senior Human Resources Assistant / Human Resources Assistant (C&B) Centaline Property Agency LimitedFull-timeHKD$16000
2023/05/10Intern Architectural Project Unit LimitedInternshipNegotiable
2023/05/10Architect / Architectural Designer / Architectural Officer Architectural Project Unit LimitedFull-timeNegotiable
2023/05/10Assistant Project Coordinator Pat Davie Ltd.Full-timeHKD$26000
2023/05/10Administrator (Qualification Assessment), Education and Training Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public AccountantsFull-timeHKD$14000
2023/05/10Junior Accountant (Assurance Department) FOK CHAN LEUNG WAN CPA LIMITEDFull-timeHKD$15000
2023/05/10summer audit trainee FOK CHAN LEUNG WAN CPA LIMITEDInternshipHK$8,000.00
2023/04/28Summer Internship 2023 Crowe (HK) CPA LimitedInternshipHKD9,500 - 10,000
2023/04/28暑期實習(編輯部及巿場部各3位) 明報出版社有限公司InternshipHK$1000/month for transportation allowance and OT allowance during Book Fair
2023/04/24Architectural Draftsman MLA Architects (HK) LtdFull-timeNegotiable
2023/04/24Accounting and Audit Associate S. C. To & Co.Full-timeHKD$15,000-20,000
2023/04/242023 Graduate Traineeship Programme – “JC PROcruit C”  [Welcome Fresh Graduate] JC PROcruit CFull-time$13,000-15,000
2023/04/24Fresh Graduate / Architectural Assistant (Year-out)  MLA Architects (HK) LtdFull-timeNegotiable
2023/04/18Audit Trainee Douglas CPA (Practising) LimitedPart-timeHKD$40-50 per hour
2023/04/18Audit junior Douglas CPA (Practising) LimitedFull-timeNegotiable
2023/04/12Graduate Engineer/ Assistant Engineer (Civil) Tactful Construction & Engineering (HK) LtdFull-timeHKD$18,000 to HKD$28,000
2023/04/12MUSIC TUTORS Greenery Music LimitedPart-timeHKD$180-350/HOUR
2023/04/12Assistant Software Engineer (Applications Development) IT Channel (Asia) LimitedFull-timeHKD$18,000
2023/04/03記者(全職/兼職) 巴士的報Full-time面議﹐若全職15000-20000
2023/04/03Architectural Assistant C Arch Design Consultant LimitedFull-timeHK$25,000 to HK$28,000 (for MArch);  HK$18,000 to HK$21,000 (for BSc (Arch))
2023/04/03Exhibition Helpers Adecco Personnel LimitedPart-timeHK$62-65 per hour
2023/04/03兼職專科班補習導師 Fung Wing Education Co., LimitedPart-timeHKD$80 per hour
2023/04/03Assistant Officer/Officer – Branch Sales AEON CREDIT SERVICE (ASIA) COMPANY LIMITEDFull-timeNegotiable
2023/03/28Graduate Engineer – Building / Civil Shui On Building Contractors LimitedFull-timeHKD$23,000
2023/03/28Audit Junior / Assistant Faith Hill C.P.A LimitedFull-timeHKD$11,000 - 15,000
2023/03/28Assistant System Engineer Amidas Hong Kong LimitedFull-timeHKD$18,000 - $20,000
2023/03/28客户助理:Customer Assistant WORLDWAY INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT LTD.Full-timeHKD$15,000 - $20,000
2023/03/17Junior Company Secretarial Assistant Tyrone Chiu C.P.A LimitedFull-timeHKD$11000-15000
2023/03/17Multi-media Editor Trainee – Entertainment / Life style (東方傳媒機構) Oriental Human Resources LimitedFull-timeHKD$16,000 - $18,000
2023/03/17Reporter Trainee – Entertainment News (東方傳媒機構) Oriental Human Resources LimitedFull-timeHKD$16,000 - $18,000
2023/03/17Wealth Management Manager (IANG welcomed) AIA International LimitedFull-timeHKD$15000 - 50000
2023/03/13Assistant Site Engineer VSL Hong Kong LimitedFull-timeHKD$22,000
2023/03/13Trainee – Site / Design / Business Development VSL Hong Kong LimitedInternshipNegotiable
2023/03/13Contract Technical  Assistant Unistress Building Construction LimitedFull-timeHK$30,000
2023/03/13Assistant Training Officer Centaline Property Agency LtdFull-timeHKD$16,000
2023/03/09Reporter – International & China News (東方傳媒機構) Oriental Human Resources LimitedFull-timeHKD$16,000 - $18,000
2023/03/09Reporter / Editor – News Agency / Financial News (Internship 2023) (東方傳媒機構) Oriental Human Resources LimitedInternshipHKD$5,000
2023/03/09Assistant Engineer Unistress Building Construction LimitedFull-timeHKD$26,000
2023/03/09Graduate Engineer (Building) Unistress Building Construction LimitedFull-timeHKD$26,000
2023/03/09Public Relations Officer / Assistant Public Relations Officer Centaline Property Agency LtdFull-timeHKD$20,000
2023/03/09Graduate Trainee Program – Assistant System Engineer Amidas Hong Kong LimitedFull-timeHKD$18,000
2023/03/09Intellectual Property Associate Conpak CPA LimitedFull-timeHK$15,500 to HK$16,500
2023/03/09Corporate Secretarial Associate Conpak CPA LimitedFull-timeHK$15,500 to HK$16,500
2023/03/09Audit Associate Conpak CPA LimitedFull-timeHK$15,500 to HK$16,500
2023/03/09Student Helper (postgraduate) Student Affairs Office, Hong Kong Chu Hai CollegePart-timeHKD$50/hr
2023/03/02Store Trainee Manager PARKnSHOP (HK) LimitedFull-timeHKD$18000
2023/03/02ORIENTAL HUMAN RESOURCES LIMITED IT Systems Engineer (東方傳媒機構)Full-timeHKD$18000
2023/03/02Customer Service Officer, Call Centre China CITIC Bank International LimitedFull-timeHKD$15,000
2023/03/02Branch Executive China CITIC Bank International LimitedFull-timeHKD$17000-21000
2023/03/02Graduate Engineer / Asst. Engineer BEN TSE & ASSOCIATES LTDFull-timeHKD$20,000 - $25,000
2023/02/17Student Helpers Student Affairs Office, Hong Kong Chu Hai CollegePart-timeHKD$50/hr
2023/02/14Human Resources Assistant Centaline Property Agency LimitedFull-timeHKD$13,000
2023/02/14Reporter (Business desk) Bastille PostFull-timeHKD$12,000 - $14,000
2023/02/14Executive Assistant IIIA (Various Departments) Hospital Authority New Territories West ClusterFull-timeHKD$14,382
2023/02/14Programme Editor Phoenix Satellite Television Co LtdFull-timeHKD$15,000
2023/02/14Audit Associate Conpak CPA LimitedFull-time$15,000 to $17,000
2023/02/14Audit Associate or Assistant Audit Associate Zhonghui Anda CPA LimitedFull-timeHKD14,000 to HKD18,000, higher salary will be offered to applicants with more experience
2023/02/14Graduate/Part-time Positions Cheng & Cheng LimitedFull-time$15,000
2023/02/14Summer Internship 2023 Cheng & Cheng LimitedInternshipHKD$6,000
2023/02/14Administrative Assistant Hong Kong Netball AssociationFull-timeHKD$16,000
2023/02/03Oral Examination Assistant (OEA) Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment AuthorityFull-timeHKD$303
2023/01/27Production Assistant Phoenix Satellite Television Company LimitedFull-timeHKD$15,000
2023/01/27Customer Services Assistant – Airline Services Asia Airfreight Terminal Company LimitedFull-timeHKD$14,700 - 15,400
2023/01/27Customer Services Officer Trainee Asia Airfreight Terminal Company LimitedFull-timeHKD$16,200 - 16,900
2023/01/17Marking Assistant Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment AuthorityPart-timeNegotiable
2023/01/11Sales Trainee Tesla Motors HK LimitedFull-timeHKD$15,000-23,000
2023/01/06Various Positions Kowloon Shangri-LaFull-timeNegotiable
2023/01/05Civil Engineering Graduate Po Wing H.P.Drainpipe & Construction Co., Ltd.Full-timeHKD$16,000-18,000
2023/01/03Graduate Trainee Programme 2023 South China Morning PostFull-timeHKD$22,000
2022/06/07Mobile App Developer (Android / iOS)
2022/05/23Reporter / Editor Trainee – Local / International & China / Financial News (東方傳媒機構)
2022/05/23Multi-media Editor Trainee – Entertainment / Life Style

Job Portal (Student)



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